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  • Chrisofix® Thumb orthosis – Skier’s thumb
  • Chrisofix® Thumb orthosis – Skier’s thumb
  • Chrisofix® Thumb orthosis – Skier’s thumb
  • Chrisofix® Thumb orthosis – Skier’s thumb
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Thumb orthosis – Skier’s thumb

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Chrisofix® products are developed and patented in Switzerland 

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Thumb (Skier’s thumb) orthosis is the right product for typical sport injuries in case of tennis, golf, or several other sport arts, where our thumbs can get injured, splayed or dislocated. With its special corrugated aluminium structure it can provide a real and efficient immobilization for our thumb, and can support a real resting of the joint. 

Immobilisation of the I. metacarpophalangeal (I.MCP) joint in case of injuries, distorsion, i.e.skier’s thumb. Partial immobilization of the thumb saddle joint, recommended for day use.

In addition, it is proposed for various thumb MCP injuries, distorsions, rehabilitation following fractures, or as a complement to appropriate surgical procedures around the thumb MCP, at the discretion of the surgeon.


S (small)


Width of palm

< 8 cm

< 3.14 in

M (medium)


Width of palm

8-9 cm

3.14 in - 3.54 in

L (large)


Width of palm

9 cm <

3.54 in <


The base joint of our thumbs is often hurt or injured while performing daily activities leading to pain or a limited range of motion. In case of unsuccessful treatment, pain may become chronic.

Fractures, wear and tear of the ligaments, arthritis, and certain systemic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or gout, may all cause symptoms of pain in the basal joint of the thumb.

Wearing a Chrisofix® thumb orthosis may help alleviate the aches and pains that make daily tasks – and sometimes even our nights – uncomfortable or painful.

  • Place the thumb into the pre-shaped orthosis.
  • Shape the orthosis to the thumb with gentle pressure, and close the fasteners around the thumb and on the wrist. 

Thanks to the special innovative structure of Chrisofix® thumb orthosis with aluminium core – that makes up the frame of the orthosis – it provides adequate stability while maintaining the opportunity for precise and exact fitting.