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  • Chrisofix® finger splint
  • Chrisofix® finger splint
  • Chrisofix® finger splint
  • Chrisofix® finger splint
  • Chrisofix® finger splint
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Finger splint (DIP+PIP) -Malleable

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Chrisofix® products are developed and patented in Switzerland 

Product Details

Recommended for fixation of the PIP and DIP joints following injuries, stress and strain, ligament injuries and certain fractures or in case of degenerative states/arthritis (also rheumatoid arthritis, gout, autoimmune diseases) or as part of post surgical rehabilitation in certain cases.

The malleable Chrisofix® long finger splint fixates the finger in an appropriate and desirable position – if this differs from the above described anatomical (0° or straight) position, while thanks to its innovative design it also ensures stability, comfort and precise fitting.


XXSS (children)


Length of splint

4.3 cm

1.69 in

XXS (extra small)


Length of splint

5.5 cm

2.17 in

S (small)


Length of splint

6.5 cm

2.56 in

L (large)


Length of splint

7.2 cm

2.83 in

XL (extra large)


Length of splint

9.7 cm

3.82 in

chrisofix product features

Our fingers are often hurt or injured while performing daily activities leading to pain or a limited range of motion. In case of unsuccessful treatment, pain may become chronic.

Wearing a Chrisofix® finger splint may help alleviate the aches and pains that make daily tasks – and sometimes even our nights – uncomfortable or painful.

  • Chrisofix® finger splints are supplied in a pre-shaped form ready for their application. 
  • Place the finger into the orthosis, and adjust the orthosis with gentle pressure. 
  • Finally, fix the finger inside the orthosis with the straps supplied. 

Thanks to the special innovative structure of Chrisofix® finger splint with aluminium core – that makes up the frame of the orthosis – it provides adequate stability while maintaining the opportunity for precise and exact fitting.