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  • Chrisofix De Quervain Syndrome Orthosis
  • Chrisofix De Quervain Syndrome Orthosis
  • Chrisofix De Quervain Syndrome Orthosis
  • Chrisofix De Quervain Syndrome Orthosis
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De Quervain Syndrome Orthosis

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Chrisofix® products are developed and patented in Switzerland 

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The De Quervain syndrome orthosis serves to fixate the base joint of the thumb (MCP) and the saddle joint (I.CMC). It may also be used to good effect in cases of De Quervain syndrome for night time splinting and also for fixation of the metacarpal of the thumb or the saddle joint following injury, sprains or even in the rehabilitation phase following fractures.

It may also be utilized as complementary treatment to surgery performed on fractures of the thumb metacarpal (Benett, Rolando, Winterstein fractures).


S (small)


Width of palm

< 8 cm

< 3.14 in

M (medium)


Width of palm

8-9 cm 

3.14 in - 3.54 in

L (large)


Width of palm

9 cm <

3.54 in <

 chrisofix product features

Sharp pain, provoked by certain movements of the thumb, may indicate De Quervain’s Syndrome, which is characterized by typical symptoms. It is important to recognize these symptoms in time and to take them seriously in order to retain pain-free and adequate function of the hand. 

The use of an adequate orthosis that keeps the painful tendons in the appropriate position plays a great role in treatment of De Quervain’s syndrome without surgery.

  • Place the forearm into the ready-to-use orthosis.
  • Shape the orthosis to the hand with gentle pressure, and close the ring around the thumb.
  • Fasten the stable bandage on the wrist and the textile one on the forearm. 

The innovative structure of Chrisofix® De Quervain’s Syndrome orthoses ensure exact and precise fitting, thereby preventing unwanted and uncomfortable potential symptoms caused by ill-fitting orthoses.