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  • Chrisofix carpal tunnel orthosis
  • Chrisofix carpal tunnel orthosis
  • Chrisofix carpal tunnel orthosis
  • Chrisofix carpal tunnel orthosis
  • Chrisofix carpal tunnel orthosis
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome orthosis

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Chrisofix® products are developed and patented in Switzerland 

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The Chrisofix® Carpal Tunnel  orthosis serves to fixate the wrist in the adequate position to relieve symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome during the night.
It is also recommended to wear in the instances of tenosynovitis, arthritis or other degenerative states of the wrist. In case of wrist pain, or injury (i.e. sprain, distorsion of the ligaments etc.) to the wrist, or even following wrist surgery or following removal of cast fixation.
The nighttime orthosis provides a high degree of stability and good immobilization necessary for treatment.


S (small)


Width of palm

< 8 cm

< 3.14 in

M (medium)


Width of palm

8-9 cm 

3.14 in - 3.54 in

L (large)


Width of palm

9 cm <

3.54 in <


chrisofix product features

Stress and strain, the use of computers and other electronic devices, housework, and sporting activities can cause pressure on the nerves of our hands and fingers. The most common of those is the starting tunnel, or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Ensuring proper wrist position is crucial for treating this symptom without surgery. 

  • Place the forearm with the thumb side into the preformed orthosis and then gently press it onto the hand and forearm. 
  • Secure the orthosis with velcro straps between the thumb and forefinger and on the wrist and forearm. 

Due to their innovative structure, Chrisofix® carpal tunnel orthoses secure the wrist in the appropriate position, thereby having a maximum effect on decreasing the pressure on the nerve. This helps minimize symptoms like pain, tingling, and numbness as well.